Russian producer SILA returns to his Not For Fun Records imprint to release three eccentric cuts entitled ‘Lovejoy’. SILA is a futuristic producer and composer who delivers multi-genre music as an experimental art form. Operating out of Moscow and Berlin, he runs Not For Fun Records with a focus on non-commercial and modern music genres which ‘aspire to move their listeners forward through mechanical stereotypes to an irrational state of mind’. 

All set to push the experimental stage forward he returns to drop his second solo release following 2018's 'Aeterna' EP. 


The ‘Lovejoy’ EP sees him stay true to his shamanic high-end productions of meditative vibrancy, snares, otherworldly harmonies balanced with experimental rhythms and hypnotic mystic stones falling across the three tracks. 


‘Lovejoy’ has a postmodern electronica and indie electronic sound that aims to drive you to dance into a positive rave trip whilst ‘Morse’ is a multi-layered track peppered in expressionism that focuses on the polyphonic and polyrhythmic roots of Africa. 


‘Aberration (in Dub)’ rounds things off with a syncopated and laid-back rhythm behind the bassline and fluttering synths. 


‘Lovejob’ drops on Not For Fun Records on 27 January 2020.

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