Morgan Page

Morgan Page

Morgan Page recently dropped a new remix of the 2016 Deadmau5 track ‘Imaginary Friends’. Taking the laddering arpeggio elements of the original and keeping just a hint of the techno beats that underpinned the production, his revision takes the single in a completely new direction. 

Softer and warmer, Page uses synth twists, keyboard chords, smatterings of strings and in the latter stages two completely new vocal samples.


Choosing Page as one of a handful of producers for his latest remix package should apparently come as no surprise to Deadmau5’s audience or indeed that of Page. The relationship between the two producers now stretches back over a decade, Deadmau5’s GRAMMY-nominated remix of Page’s cut ‘The Longest Road’ was popular within the American dance music community. Now, ten years on, Page returns the favour.

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