Quivver (aka John Graham) has been making tracks since the early-1990s. His ‘On & On’ contribution to ‘Bedrock XX’ and ‘Mumbo Jumbo’/ ’This Was’ were popular tracks and his 2019 return to the label with the ‘One Darker EP’ could be another biggie for both him and the label.

‘One Darker’ comes in its original 4/4 form which builds steadily with programming, intricate layering and groove development, all interlocking to unleash a flow that swoops and soars. Then in contrast, Quivver shifts into his recently revived (with his remix of Sasha’s ‘Rooms’ after a 20-year hiatus) alternate Skanna guise, giving him the freedom to experiment with a spacious 130bpm D&B take on the track.


With his own Controlled Substance imprint operating as a test bed for his darker, more experimental productions (including his recent ‘Rekonstruct’ album project); a current DJ tour covering Australia, South America, India and North America; his ongoing Frisky Radio show and more releases waiting in the wings; 2019 could be shaping up to be another decent year for Quivver.


It’s out now on Bedrock, check it out below.

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