Jamie Blanco

Jamie Blanco

Australia based Brit Jamie Blanco serves up Kilsha’s second EP and capitalises once more on a recent run of form. Blanco has previously released on Felix Dickinson’s Cynic as well as Futureboogie and more recently on Pelvis & Tone Dropout. He is one half of Ess O Ess as well as a solo artist possibly making waves with his sounds, and has apparently played all over the planet in the last couple of years. 

Eclectic in taste and inspired by Balearic beats as much as driving percussion and acid, he is all set for 2019. Right from the off, ‘Unit of Pleasure’ enjoys a mix of original live recorded percussion, aircraft noise and hypnotic bass. It’s a diverse mix of sounds and scenes.


‘Progressive View’ then dips into broken beat and classic electro territory, with raw synths and cavernous hits driving things forward over a rhythmic b-line. 


Keeping up the unpredictable mood of the EP, ‘Grapefruit Agenda’ is a tripped-out piece of left of centre house music, with paranoid melodies and circling pads amping up the energy and taking you on a real journey. 


‘XOX18’ closes things out with downtempo electro moods that are futuristic and dystopian, all with an analogue edge.


It’s out 5 April on Kilsha Music.

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