Oliver Lieb

Oliver Lieb

Frankfurt DJ/producer Oliver Lieb released his 3-track ‘Epoxi EP’ in 2018, and contributed ‘Osyris’ for ‘Bedrock XX’ and ‘When It’s Dark Outside’(in his L.S.G. guise) for ‘Live In Tokyo’. Now, he makes his Bedrock return with his latest release, the ‘Phosphorous EP’.

Powered by a kick, hissing hats and shakers ‘Red Phosphorous’ rises into a wall of techno energy. In its ‘Reduced Mix’ format the layers of percussion and synth work are expanded and blended into an hypnotic alternative. ‘Black Phosphorous’ continues the percussive theme, getting more experimental and abstract, whilst ‘Violet Phosphorous’ concludes the audio experiment.


Having exceeded 300+ productions in his 30-year career, Oliver Lieb apparently views music as an endless horizon of expression and refuses to be pigeonholed in one specific genre, an attitude well suited to the Bedrock ethos. An additional array of aliases – L.S.G., SOL, Spicelab, The Ambush, Paragliders, Mindspace – have given him the freedom to release a variety of tracks over the years.


It’s out now, check it out below.

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