With the release of his next EP, Parisian producer D’Julz establishes the launch of new label JV in collaboration with French distributor Yoyaku. Yoyaku, which also runs a leading record store in Paris as well as many record labels, has apparently established itself as a major force within the underground dance scene. With that, D’Julz is seizing an opportunity to join forces and establish a new outlet for his own productions and in due course, collaborations with other artists.

D’Julz: “With Bass Culture Records nearing its tenth anniversary, it’s absolutely the right time to artistically invest in a new project. The music coming from Yoyaku and sub-labels like Hostom, AKU and Yoyakuza, is consistently high-grade stuff. We both share the same ethos of bringing a fresh generation of artists to the forefront, so working together is sure to be totally inspiring.”


His two-tracker EP kicks off with ‘Chaplin Bong’, a euphonic house cut that evolves with a combination of dubby techno stabs penetrating a rolling disco bassline. ’J’y Vais’, which translates to “I go”, is a deep and bass-heavy old school track that’s hewn from Chicago influences. 


Looking forward, JV is set to evolve with D’Julz showcasing his own productions while bringing in talents to collaborate, and with the music policy being very much open, it aims to be a source of electronic music.

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