This month sees Radio Slave’s Rekids invite Britain’s Swayzak to the roster with a Cold War themed release entitled ‘Odessa Calling’ EP. Swayzak’s ability to retain their sound whilst producing across various sub-genres has cemented them a reputation since their beginnings in the ‘90s. 

Their back catalogue includes six studio albums and appearances on labels like K7, M_nus, Curle, Ellum and Swayzak’s own label 240 Volts, which was relaunched in 2017.


Originally a duo comprised of David Brown and James Taylor, Brown has been helming the project solo since 2012. He now joins Berlin-based imprint Rekids with two productions.


‘Odessa Calling’ is a track with synths, pads and vocals that combine together to create a celestial aesthetic. On the flipside, ‘Numbers Station’ continues with the otherworldly feel employing percussion that wanders alongside a brooding bassline to close the package.


Swayzak ‘Odessa Calling’ EP drops on Rekids on 20 July 2018.

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