Dapayk Solo

Dapayk Solo, Berlin-based producer and veteran of the minimal techno scene, recently announced the forthcoming release of his 10th studio album, entitled ‘The Calling’. The 12-track LP will be the producer’s first solo album since 2015 and will be available via his own label, Mo’s Ferry Productions, on 6 April. The first single from the album, also titled ‘The Calling’, is out now.

The title track off the album is a club track that aims to draw listeners in with a sequence of energetic, chopped beats as it builds into an explosion of simple yet deep, brassy synths. 


The track is a minimal record combined with club-house elements and is a taste of what the 12-track LP has to offer.


Dapayk concentrates on a futuristic theme throughout the album, telling the story of Zoe, a young survivalist searching for answers on a digital pilgrimage in the year 2118. The result is a digital, ultra-modern production that provides the soundtrack to a journey stretching across the 12-tracks.


Dapayk Solo, alias Niklas Worgt, has five different aliases under his belt, while he experiments with different styles and production techniques to create his sounds. Throughout the span of two decades he went from producing D&B to house, to ultimately crafting the techno sound that he plays and produces now. 

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