Harry Romero

The last outing of 2017 for the Play It Say It label is from DJ and producer Harry Romero, a possibly driving force in the scene since the ‘90s. He’s released on labels as Sex Mania, Power Music and Strictly Rhythm, but also contemporary imprints like Ovum and Defected. An inductee into Pete Tong's Hall of Fame, Harry’s own Bambossa Records is another chapter in his definitive story. Here he demonstrates his current sound across three tracks.

Opening up the EP is ‘Mother Earth,’ a percussive and tribal number with pinging kicks and loose hits all encouraging you to cut shapes. Bright synths rise up through the mix to bring some tension and drama.


‘Lesson On Swing’ is a vibrant brew of skewed synths and surging bass, vocal yelps and wonky chords. Last of all is ‘Scatter’, a high pressure tune with big drums and fat bass all overlaid with vocal effects that build the intensity. Hooky little synth motifs and metallic percussion all add to the track.


It’s out now.

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