Markus Schulz

The Nine Skies will take place amid San Francisco’s Dreamstate and Markus Schulz recently unveiled a trailer for the show, which offers a glimpse into what’s in store for Dreamstate’s Dreamers this weekend.

Markus has also taken the opportunity to drop a taste of his follow-up to the (per Dancing Astronaut), “brooding steamroller” that was ‘Mota-Mota’. A recording whose meticulous development has taken many a month, it’s his club adaptation of Kate Bush’s timeless ‘Running Up That Hill’. 


From its outset, ‘Running’ echoes the pulsing feel of the original, never losing a drop of its bittersweet rapture. He develops its hypnotic theme, slowly raising its synths from deep within the drop and finally lifting them to meet its crescendo. 


Markus’ search to find exactly the right voice to do justice to his cover was apparently exhaustive. After many a month (and demo), that hunt ended at the door of singer Bev Wild. A relative electronic music newcomer, it proved to be the crucial tipping point in the realisation of his interpretation. Bev brings the track a vocal conviction way beyond her years, sublimating Kate’s inflections and conveying every truthful, sensual ounce of ‘Running’s song. 


Ahead of its 29 May release, check it out below.