Bingo Players

Dutch record label, Hysteria Records, has just released ‘Tic Toc’, a fresh track by Bingo Players and a newly formed Dutch producer duo Oomloud. After the release of the ‘Filthy Fonk EP’ by Damien N-Drix, label head Maarten Hoogstraten aka Bingo Players introduces Oomloud, a group comprised of two longtime friends who share a passion for house music and whose debut EP will be released on Bingo Players imprint this summer. 

Complementing each other's styles, ‘Tic Toc’ is an electro house track with deep vocal dubs, a bumping bass and a shredding synth to create that distinct old school Dutch house energy.


After hosting an apparent sold out Bingo Beach at Miami’s No Sugar Added party during Miami Music Week, Bingo Players is also making an appearance in Chicago for Spring Awakening music festival, and a newly announced Los Angeles show at Exchange on 10 June. 


Last year, Bingo Players’ Maarten Hoogstraten completed Bingo Players’ 10 Year Anniversary tour which honoured Hoogstraten’s late partner Paul Baümer who suddenly passed away from cancer in 2013. Proceeds from every tour ticket sold benefited FuckCancer, which raises support and awareness of early prevention and detection.