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Tim Deluxe releases ‘The Radicale (Expanded Edition)’ on Classic Music Company. Doctor Barbara Ann Teer’s words on the album’s opening jam ‘JAS’ may have been lifted from an old Folkways record, but that doesn’t make the sentiment any less prescient. In fact, these words could have been said by Tim himself in reference to the spirit and ideology of ‘The Radicle’, only his third artist album to date.

Doctor Barbara Ann Tee: “This is a mass culture we live in. It makes you act like something you really aren’t. It made me so narrow that I couldn’t really do myself justice so I broke away from that whole modern dance thing. I want to be me, I want to be human.”


Born out of a pure love of real instruments and instrumentation, and with a decidedly soulful, blues-y feel, ‘The Radicle’ is arguably different from the majority of electronic albums out there. Tim took his time and immersed himself completely into the record, surrounding himself with contemporary jazz musicians, making for a sonic adventure with ideas bursting from every kick and lick. There’s a cover of the Miles Davis classic ‘So What!’ which bends the trumpet classic into new forms while ‘Shanti’ explores a more mystical Indian vibe with a sax solo John Coltrane of which would be proud.


Presented as an Expanded Edition, the album is supplemented by nine club-focused remixes, including a brand new, exclusive Live Disco Revision by Terry Grant & Luke Solomon, that manages to be both dynamic and sensitive, and some syncopated Bonus Beats courtesy of Classic Music Company label-mate Eli Escobar.


It’s out 26 May on Classic Music Company.

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1. Tim Deluxe ‘JAS’

2. Tim Deluxe ‘Feelings’

3. Tim Deluxe ‘Captain, Captain’             

4. Tim Deluxe ‘LOVE is’

5. Tim Deluxe ‘Unsung Hero’

6. Tim Deluxe ‘Dah Dance’

7. Tim Deluxe ‘So What!’

8. Tim Deluxe ‘Tryin’ Find A Way’

9. Tim Deluxe ‘Shanti’

10. Tim Deluxe ‘Spirals Pt. 1 + 2’

11. Tim Deluxe ‘Captain, Captain’ (Luke Solomon & Terry Grant Live Disco Revision)

12. Tim Deluxe ‘Tryin’ Find A Way’ (Club Mix)

13. Tim Deluxe ‘Tryin’ Find A Way’ (Dub)

14. Tim Deluxe ‘Feelings’ (Club Mix)

15. Tim Deluxe ‘Feelings’ (Ice Cream Dub)

16. Tim Deluxe ‘JAS’ (Club Mix)

17. Tim Deluxe ‘JAS’ (Rhodes Mix)

18. Tim Deluxe ‘JAS’ (Eli’s Bonus Beats)

19. Tim Deluxe ‘LOVE is’ (Extended Dub)

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