Tiga recently dropped a new DJ mix on his SoundCloud page featuring exclusive music from both Tiga vs Audion, and Tiga, alongside Bjork, The Knife, Martinez Brothers, DJs Pareja, Justin Cudmore, Red Axes, Truncate, Solitary Dancer and more. The ‘Stereo Woke Mix – Live at StereoBar Montreal’ was recorded from his 27 January set at the Canadian club. 

Tiga: “In late January, I did my first residency night at StereoBar, a Montreal club renowned for its custom sound system. It was early in the year, and having had time off over the winter I was able to finally prepare a vinyl set and benefit from the long process or reorganising my records. The set is special to me in a few ways: to start, it was the first time I actually played records in years, and it felt so good. I had forgotten how much better it feels. It was not ALL vinyl: but it was enough to bring back the old feeling: tracks running out, no looping, heightened awareness, and in my case I think more passion and smarter programming.


"Second: I wanted 2017 to be a return to a harder, more electro sound: zero filler and only records I really love. It might sound obvious, and it SHOULD sound obvious, but it was important to me. Third: you will hear the world debut of the NEW Tiga Vs Audion track and a new favourite track of my own. Both coming out soon, and both records that I am exceptionally in love with. Enjoy.”


Tiga returned to Turbo Recordings earlier this year with new single, ‘Eye Luv U’, his first new material since 2016’s ‘Blondes Have More Fun’. Co-produced by one half of Paranoid London, ‘Eye Luv U’ is the first in a series of releases from Tiga on Turbo in 2017.


Now in a new partnership with !K7, Tiga’s Turbo imprint is the label behind the early success of Chromeo, Gesaffelstein, and Duke Dumont, amongst many others. 2016 saw releases from rising stars Charlotte de Witte, ANNA, Gilmer Galibard, and Autarkic, while this year the label will shift its focus to electro, via cuts from Tiga, Audion, and Dimitri Veimar, alongside collaborative projects between Shaded & Harvard Bass.

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