The M Machine

The M Machine recently announced the forthcoming release of their new album through a web app called which can only be disseminated through in-person sharing. Rather than spamming an anonymous link, users will share the music in person, over a genuine conversation. The San Francisco-based duo is also debuting their first single ‘The Warehouse’ across all platforms to give you a taste of the melodic, indie-electronic LP to follow. The track rearranges expectations of the tandem’s productions, making way for an evolved sound that’s more cerebral than dance-floor driven., designed by former group member Andy Coenen, is a mobile web application that utilises geolocation to bring listeners together, requiring personal mutual participation to unlock music from The M Machine’s new album, ‘Glare.


Fans of The M Machine will find themselves connecting and exploring through the process of consuming the new album. Being distributed through the app, users must give and receive the album to fellow users while in their physical presence - to receive the album, it must be personally shared with you from another user. The first four tracks available on the app are ‘The Warehouse’, ‘Some Animal’, ‘Talking Machine’ and ‘Voyeur’, and every time a user shares the app they unlock two additional songs.


The M Machine’s unique distribution method will restore the element of human interaction in peer-to-peer sharing of music, bringing fans together for their respective discovery experiences. Fusing technology and advances in geolocation capabilities with music and fanbase, aims to be an industry milestone that restores intangibles lost in the digital age while presenting fans with an anticipated body of work at no cost.


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