David Herrero

Saved Records release ‘Body, Soul & Other Things’, the latest full length release from Spanish artist David Herrero. Featuring 12 tracks, this is Herrero’s fourth LP, his first on Saved and comes after seven years of house and tech tunes on labels like Stereo Productions, VIVa Music and Defected. In all he has put his name to more than 200 releases and regularly gets support from the likes of Marco Carola, Loco Dice and Saved boss Nic Fanciulli. 

 David Herrero
David Herrero

His organic sound has taken him to headline slots at clubs all over the world from Space Miami to Womb Tokyo and, as such, he is probably a key player in today’s house music scene.

This album was created in a studio in Benavente, Spain with bits of hardware including a Dave Smith Evolver, Elektron Machinegroove SPS1 & Roland keyboards and was written with the dancefloor in mind.


Herrero has also drawn on his own experiences travelling the globe to create an LP that has that sense of momentum which makes it a probable soundtrack to the open road or a late night flight.


Opening up with three minutes of field recordings and found sounds that take in a radio being tuned, menacing drums, airplanes taking off and chopped vocals, ‘Botton Clash’ then settles us into a warm and bouncy house groove which is embellished with some jazzed up little keys. ‘You’ then picks up the pace with punchier, loopier drums and percolating percussion, whilst the drum programming and old school feel continues with the ducking and diving tech cut ‘Party Time.’ 


A fulsome house kick drum underpins every tune through this album, but there is probably enough variation in mood and style of groove to keep you locked in throughout. ‘Your Body’ is silky and colourful, ‘Bloodline’ has female vocals with snappy snares and prickly perc and ‘Background’ is another house tune whose production is clean and crisp and helps the tech vibes really make their mark. 


The album closes out with jams like ‘Make Love’ and ‘So Good’. 

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