Tim Engelhardt

Tim Engelhardt

Tim Engelhardt has spent years honing his skills as an electronic music producer and DJ and has worked hard to create music, with his sound apparently now being recognised by fans and fellow producers around the world. He was born in the mountainous region of Westerwald in Western Germany, the birthplace of musicians Dominik Eulberg and Gabriel Ananda, where growing up in a place with such rich scenery and local landscapes became a huge inspiration for the music he's made.

Tim’s career started with playing piano as a child, a musical background that has had an obvious impact on the music he produces today. The intricate harmonies and expanded melodic structure are all key elements in his work and his initial electronic music education came from after meeting Polish music producer Robert Babicz when he moved to Cologne, who taught him the art of mixing and production.

In 2014, he released tracks on labels Traum Schallplatten and Parquet Recordings and a Robert Babicz remix on his own imprint Babiczstyle. After moving to Cologne, Tim signed to label WIR Booking, allowing him to be surrounded by likeminded musicians and perform live shows in and outside Cologne. At just 17-years old, he released his debut EP ‘Everything Is All You Have’ on Poker Flat Recordings, introducing his music to a wider audience.

His follow up record, ‘Enigmatism’, then gained support from people such as Pete Tong, Robert Babicz and Steve Bug. 

Tim recently featured at Fusion Festival and now he’s preparing to expand his touring schedule and play across the world, with his first Australian tour in his midst as he plays at Melbourne’s New Guernica on Friday 16 December and Sly Fox in Sydney on Saturday 17 December.

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