Ellen Allien

On 11 November, BPitch Control's Ellen Allien reveals the digital and vinyl release of her forthcoming EP, ‘Landing XX’. The 3-track EP aims to bring listeners into a cosmic realm, with upbeat tempos and heavy basslines to take you on a ride. Born and living in Berlin and with a new regular club night there every few months at IPSE, Ellen’s home apparently stands for two things above all: creativity and bringing people together on the dancefloor with her analogue sound - a hypnotic techno, acid, freak-house mix. 

DJ, musician, label manager, t-shirt designer and creative all-rounder – Ellen Allien aims to carve out her own space in all these roles.


Ellen Allien: “This record is the definition of Allien sound! Before I started my festival season this year, I went to the studio in Berlin and recorded some tracks for my sets. These two tracks I´ve been playing again and again, so they became the soundtrack of my summer. They are as hypnotic and freaky as my DJ sets are. I used some of my favourite instruments, the 303, the 909 and the Minimoog to create two tracks full of murky, distorted vocals, strange breaks and pure drastic emotion in beat form."


‘Landing XX’ is brimming with a heavy, industrial sound and its fast-paced, relentless thumping bass pulls listeners in. Rhythmic snare hits and deep, warped vocals are layered with a myriad of minimal effects to give this track an eerie aura.


‘Not Alone’ maintains a similar heavy-hitting and quick-paced infrastructure and mysterious, galactic sounds whirl past your ears. When the kick comes in, the track jumps up another notch.

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