David Marston 

David Marston

Jamaica’s David Marston has found a vibrant fusion of flavour in his sound. Much akin to the vibe of his homeland, he tackles dub and soul with a backdrop of house and funk. This March he returns with the ‘Kindness of Bearer EP’ on Soul Clap Records, named in honour of an endearing custom of friendly exchange. A four tracker of originals and his second for the label, it introduces a collaboration between David, several of his close friends and New York based vocalist Bridgette Zozula. 

‘Sun’ was written by Anna Spackman as an acoustic folk song. In awe of its beauty, they commissioned director and fellow Jamaican Simon Benjamin to create the music video that premiered on Nowness.com back in November.


“Giving Up On You’ is produced with Dan Izco,’ explains Marston, ‘We enlisted Brigitte Zozula who tells the story of a relationship on the brink of collapse, and speaks to the struggles of dealing with another person’s pain and sadness.” 


‘True’ is a collaboration between Marston, Jordan Rosenberg, Aubrey Nolan, and London-based vocalist, Beth Aggett. While ‘Sometimes It’s Hard’ is a down-tempo track characterised by a wandering arpeggiated synth. “[Check] Zozula’s evocative vocals and lyrics, warped transitions, and quirky instrument modulations,” says David Marston. 


It’s out 1 April.

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