It's been almost a year since BT announced his Kickstarter-funded ‘Electronic Opus’ project with video game composer Tommy Tallarico, a campaign to combine his classic dance tracks with orchestral arrangements for a new musical experience. It was a journey no one expected, one that saw 2,177 fans scramble to raise over $250,000 to bring ‘Electronic Opus’ to life and BT record his greatest hits alongside a full symphony all culminating into a live performance during Miami Music Week in March 2015.

Now the final product will be released on 12 October when the album is released to the public. Fourteen BT tracks have been reworked and reimagined into an exploration of classical arrangements, electronic dance frequencies, and experimental sound editing techniques. Thanks to the dedication and creativity of the production team at TanZ, conductor Eímear Noone, Milk & Honey, Tommy Tallarico, and BT, the album aims to signify a shift in the way dance music and EDM will be perceived from here on out. 


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