Justin Robertson

Justin Robertson, in his Deadstock 33s guise, delivers his latest body of work 'Everything Is Turbulence’, out now on Skint Records. Deadstock 33s is a different angle and a different moniker which encompasses a warmer sound to Robertson's productions and a distillation of what has gone before. 

'Everything Is Turbulence', is his second album under this alias and comprises 12 tracks, acting as a sonic companion to his DJ sets. The interface between mystery and reason, the point where magic and science meet and embrace chaos.


The album is laced with various artistic contributors, including Lisa Elle from Dark Horses providing vocals and guitar on 'Metal Taste’. Justin's wife Sofia lends her vocals on 'For One Touch' and 'I Am Automatic', a collaboration between Justin a and Daniel Avery - possibly one of the biggest stars to emerge from the electronic scene in recent times - with whom he has a long standing production partnership.

Justin Robertson: "This is a  collection of lysergic soul and atomic machine boogie, stripped down and urgent in places, delicate and dark in others, tight but loose, combining the visceral needs of the dance floor with the rich heritage of years of psychedelic audio research.'' 

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