The Squatters

The Squatters have apparently applied their sound palette to a decent selection of this year’s biggest tracks already. Bringing groove, bassline and other sounds to the table, the latest release to get “The Squatters Treatment” is Vanilla Ace’s ‘Break Away’, out now on Vicious Bitch.

Vanilla Ace’s original is a straight up house track that calls upon some vocals from Vula to round off a summer track, but it’s The Squatters’ remix that steps things up a notch for a heavier cut that’s aimed for the late night dancefloors. Keeping the vocals, The Squatters have kept the groove of the original but added plenty of oomph and bassline to proceedings to take the track considerably deeper than the original.

Presented alongside mixes from Bollocks and Magic J, The Squatters’ remix rounds up an already solid release from Vanilla Ace on Vicious Bitch. With additional remixes for the likes of Ill Phil and an original track of their own featuring Little Nikki on the vocals still to come this summer, 2015 is shaping up well.

Check it out below.


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