Disclosure Ft Gregory Porter

It doesn't seem that long ago when UK act Disclosure revealed first signs of a new album with their track ‘Bang That’. Now the duo get set for the next single 'Holding On' taken from their forthcoming follow up to 2013's extremely successful debut long-player, ‘Settle'. 

A soulful track, ‘Holding On’ features Grammy-winning jazz vocalist Gregory Porter, complete with Howard and Guy's hiccuping beats and signature "bread and butter" synths. It has everything you would expect to be a massive Disclosure anthem - an electrifying killer hook combined with the ease of the house sound and this time even with some classic Detroit like influences.

While the Lawrence brothers are currently on tour between Vegas, Detroit and Brighton, bringing their highly anticipated live-show to clubbers, their follow up album ‘Caracal’ is set for its global release on 25 September on PMR / Island Records.

Check it out below.

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