Paul Thomas

The GodsKitchen worldwide resident/UltraViolet label boss has been busy of late. His ‘Zoundz’ and ‘Lucir’ collaborations (with Chris Bekker and Shadow of Two respectively) and his recent solo production ‘Tick Tock’ have both done well throughout the last half year. Now, he returns with ‘The Bells Of Assisi’, his latest track out now on Paul van Dyk’s Vandit label.

‘The Bells Of Assisi’ wastes no time in building a production framework that’s flush with coercive drums, atmospherically echoed piano chime and floor-spurring bass. Produced in Paul’s own style, in the drop he layers in titular bell chimes, subtly haunting male and female vocal harmonics and ‘Assisi’s emotionally spirited riff kiss-off.

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