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Karin Park invites you to share their stories with the world: be a part of the Official Video for her poignant track ‘Human Beings’, inspired by her partner’s battle with cancer. The track shows Karin expanding from her original electro-pop persona down into darker territories; in this moving composition, she has used her music as a form of cathartic expression, helping her to cope with her partner’s harrowing battle with throat cancer. 

Karin: “My boyfriend was diagnosed with cancer last year. It’s been the hardest year of our lives. This is a song about when you stand by someone who’s getting weaker and weaker but there is nowhere you’d rather be than by their side. A lot of songs I feel like I’m making for me, but this is a story I wanted to get out there. I feel there may be a lot of people going through similar things and this could help them cope.”

And so, for the visuals, Karin wants to underline the message that this is ‘a song for everyone’ by asking you to listen to the track, absorb the lyrics, and submit your own personal videos (only 20 seconds or so), YouTube clips and pictures to be used to create the official video.

No subject is off limits: war, religion, love, hate, life, death, family, history, controversy... She sees this as a project for everyone, believing that ‘together we can create a video that we can all be proud of’.

Karin: “‘Human Beings’ is very personal, but also more clear and direct than I’ve been before. It’s frightening but exciting. Pain can turn into something beautiful, and I believe it’s important to be a bit personal in the search for magic. And that’s why I’m asking YOU to get involved and share your story so we can make this video together."


Send your video clips, you tube links and pictures to: humanbeings@karinpark.com by (31 March 2015 ) to be part of the video, share your story, and show what represents human beings to you. 


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