Just ahead of the I Am Hardwell North American Tour launch tomorrow, Hardwell released a video explaining his tour concept, and how it differs from his festival and club performances. Together with ALDA, Hardwell was able to develop the concept of his very own concert, I Am Hardwell, from the beginning, planning everything from the visuals to the stage design, production and more. 

After going around the world, stopping in places like Guatemala, Singapore, Europe, and more, the tour is set for its run in North America.

The video features Hardwell discussing many different aspects of the tour. At its core, is a showcase of what Hardwell has done, is still doing, and what is coming from him in the future, all packed into journey-like 3-hour sets synched with custom visuals. Having his own concepts coming to life with his music and production to match, he’s getting to show his artistic expression.

The tour launches in Chicago tomorrow and runs through five other dates across the U.S. and Canada before closing at Madison Square Garden in New York on 15 November.

Check here for tour info: www.DJHardwell.com
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