Mike Steva

Mike Steva

Melbourne house producer Mike Steva releases his debut studio album ‘Who Am I’ on Osunlade’s Yoruba Records label next month. Born in Australia to parents who migrated from Europe in the 1960s, Steva’s origins are deeply rooted in his ancestral homeland of Macedonia. Having always felt a deep and spiritual connection to his heritage, his music embodies this vibration with a strong association to drums, world music and ancient rhythms.

After signing his ‘Visions Of Paradise EP’ to Yoruba Records back in 2012, label founder Osunlade has been one of Steva’s staunchest supporters. “As with all our releases we take pride in the development of artists’ freedom,” says Osunlade of the project. “Mike has managed to do what most new artists haven’t, create a complete musical story, full of soul and sounds from his homeland of Macedonia, as well as soon to be house classics.”


The album delivers 11 cuts across a wide spectrum of electronic music, evidencing Steva’s range of influences. ‘Weekend Love’ is lovely, with the voices of Melbourne’s own Motty & Siobhan providing the vocal duet to bring the record together. The deeply tribal ‘Oro’ takes you on a spiritual journey to a remote village where Baltic brass, handclaps and foot stompin’ are essential.


An impressive debut for Mike, it’s out September, check the sampler below.

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