X-mini KAI 2 Capsule Speaker

X-mini KAI 2 Capsule Speaker

Singapore-based, sound innovation company, Xmi Pte Ltd, embraces ‘lifestyle conferencing’ with a new and improved addition to its multiple award-winning X-mini Capsule Speakers range. The X-mini KAI 2 Capsule Speaker boasts noise cancelling microphone, pocket sized portability, Bluetooth connection (plus wireless dongle function) and Ceramic drivers and will be available in a range of six colours; gunmetal grey, blue, green, orange, red and purple. 



The X-mini KAI 2 is designed to cater for mobile conferencing, but not just in a business context. With the rise of Skype, Facetime, Viber and of course mobile, we now connect with friends and family in an ever-evolving, interactive way; X-mini call it ‘lifestyle conferencing’. It’s where, for example, friends call each other for a chat while cooking dinner, where we ‘Skype’ to catch up with family around the world, where ‘hands free’ is essential for a safe journey, or where teenagers don’t have to stop talking to their friends, no matter where they are.

The X-mini KAI 2 embraces this modern lifestyle, with its noise-cancelling mic designed to filter background disturbance and improve the quality of your conversations, whether it’s with friends, family or of course, for business.


The X-mini KAI 2 also provides a professional tool for modern business, with a Bluetooth connection of up to 10 metres, and a 360° of full, high clarity sound, to fill any meeting room. However, add to this, pocket-sized portability, up to 10 hours of playback time, and a  range of cool colours.


Xmi Pte Ltd Founder, Ryan Lee adds, “The way we connect and communicate with each other is changing, and the forward-thinking KAI 2 design features reflect this. Build, performance and user experience remain of utmost importance, and the KAI 2 will retain the iconic, twist and turn design of our Capsule Speaker range, however this is a vastly different product, designed very much with a modern lifestyle in mind.”


The X-mini KAI 2 will retail at £39.95, check www.x-mini.com for more info.

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