Roger Sanchez officially debuted his S-Man alter ego in 1994 with ‘Time 2 Stop’ on UK house label, Hard Times. Now, to mark the 20th anniversary and his perpetual love affair with the darker end of current house music, S-Man returns in 2014 with ‘Dangerous Thoughts’, the debut release on his new label, UNDR THE RADR.

To celebrate the return of S-Man, UNDR THE RADR, hosted an inaugural party at Set in Miami featuring a line-up of S-Man, Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez, Thugf*cker, Maxxi Soundsystem, and Jesse Rose.


‘Dangerous Thoughts’ continues a journey that began in 2013 with DJ sets first played on Ibiza’s Space Terrace, whereby he’d start playing around 2am through to 6 or 7am; these environments allowed him to craft a different kind of set and road-test ideas he’d started playing around with in the studio.


The musical affinity with his (then on hiatus) pseudonym kept growing as Roger finished a series of tracks, this being the first one ready for release. While the tough percussion on ‘Dangerous Thoughts’ is pure S-Man, overall the sound is harder and the bass is further to the fore. Alongside the original and dub, remixes come from Amine Edge & DANCE, and Man Without A Clue. Check it out below.

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