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Incorporating elements from an array of musical styles – including jazz, electronica, ambient and blues – Guti’s ‘Rompecorazones’ is widely sourced and intricately crafted; a big release from a musician who aims to stand out from the crowd.

Perhaps best known for his take on house and techno via his  productions and live show, Guti’s musical scope is far wider. He studied jazz under various teachers including internationally-renowned pianist Ernesto Jodos and founded his own band – Jovenes Pordioseros – with whom he regularly played to crowds of 10,000 in his native Argentina. 


The origins of ‘Rompecorazones’ are rooted in Guti’s relocation to Europe five years ago. As a live act in the dance music scene, Guti has already travelled the world countless times over and these myriad experiences have had a profound effect on him.


“I have so many things to say about what has happened in the last five years,” says Guti of the motivation behind the album. “I gave my heart to each song, so the album is statement of who I am and what´s inside my heart: it’s my way of staying true to myself, my story, my background.”


Completed in a little less than two years between an extensive touring schedule that included trips to “countries I didn’t even know existed”, at one stage Guti’s friend Miguel de Ipola was flown over from Buenos Aires to work on the album, further strengthening the link the album has to his home country. Guti describes making the album as “a beautiful, painful process.”


It’s out 14 May. ©

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