Manchester's James Mulholland (aka Techniques) releases his debut single, 'Switch' via Kitsuné this December. A songwriter and musician who began making his first recordings from the bedroom laying down drums, basslines, guitars, synths and vocals all using one microphone and as James recalls, "whatever else that was lying around".

The first track to be released by the artist is the single ‘Switch’. Featuring heady synths and vocals, James combines post-punk, new wave and dance influences. The song reminds you of the darker side of Depeche Mode, early Autechre, peppered with the production of DFA Records.


The artwork was photographed by fashion photographer and blogger, Jaja Hargreaves. The remix package includes a stripped down, poignant acoustic version of the song and two remixes; a ‘two-step’ mix by London-based DJ producer Mike Millrain and a house reworking by Brighton electronic collective, Let The Machines Do The Work. In addition, there’s also a remix by Adelaide, which is already available on the brand new compilation ‘Kitsuné Maison 15’ which is out now.


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