Darkside’s sold out shows across London, Berlin and Brussels will also be the debut shows for Visuals, a new band produced by Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington and whose debut four-song EP arrives October 27th on Nicolas Jaar's Other People imprint.

Visuals is the project of NYC born and Berlin based songwriter and producer Andrew Fox, choosing the name as a dual reference to the cinematic in his music and an ocular disorder he suffered as a child, which left him with partial 2D vision. A long time friend and collaborator of Harrington's, Fox recorded the EP solo in Brooklyn until handing it off first to Harrington and then to Jaar, adding adding layers of sly sonic abstraction and thump.

Over the course of its runtime, Visuals' EP pits the soulful against the inhuman, evoking everything from Broadcast's eerie, hermetic pop experimentation to Prince's minimalist sex funk. Filled with bottom-heavy love songs to an uncertain future, Fox's cracked, weather-beaten drawl through a gauntlet of rubber-band basslines, bone-dry drum machines and deft sample manipulation, the result is a four-song collection of rusty electronics with a beating heart.

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