Chris Coco

Chris Coco

The International Radio Festival (IRF) joined forces with Mixcloud to find the 2013 'Best Internet Radio Show'. With over 200 entries from around the world Chris Coco’s Melodica was recently announced as the winner with his weekly one-hour broadcast of electronica, house and eclectic Balearic vibes.

Melodica has grown from its online home on Mixcloud to include broadcasts in cities around the world including Sydney, Istanbul and Chicago. The Guardian also praised the show calling it "the hazy, lazy sound of the summer".

International Radio Festival

Chris Coco: "It was actually a lovely surprise to win the Mixcloud competition. I work away to put up a new edition of Melodica every Monday morning, and I know it is appreciated by the listeners because of all the feedback I get, but sometimes it's like being in a little bubble of music, so getting recognition from an esteemed panel of radio experts gives me extra confidence and confirms that I should be proud of the show and what it does."

As well as his radio show, Chris is also a tastemaker, DJ, broadcaster, producer, music curator, musician and journalist. The success of the radio show also led to the launch of the Melodica Recordings record label in 2011 with releases including the Balearic track ‘Summer Breezin'’ by 3 Balearos. 

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