Villanova are a Marseille duo brought together over a love of analogue synths who have been making music on labels like Denote since 2012. Now Canada’s My Favorite Robot have enlisted the pair for a second EP after their MFR debut 18 months ago that comes complete with remixes from Kiki and HearThug.


Opener ‘Physique Bell’ is just the sort of taught and tensile track that fits perfectly with the label’s aesthetic. Squirming metal synths writhe about between slowly slapping drums and rubbery basslines as indecipherable voices add an alien presence up top.

The next original is ‘Exception’ a heads-down, dead of night groove built from thick vamping basslines, shadowy voices and plenty of tension inducing rushes of white noise. It sounds like the robots have fully taken over in the second half as moaning and groaning sounds trap you right in their midst. Finnish BPitch Control talent KiKi gets to work on the remix and decides to strip it back, make the groove more direct but elastic and layers in plenty of spine and nerve tingling synths, bringing with them an eerie atmosphere. Finally, ‘One Night’ is writhing synths and gallivanting kick drums that tie the whole thing to the dancefloor. Tunisian Jihed Monser aka HearThug then turns in a remix that is on a disco tip with frazzled, searching synths scanning the soundscape and a rock-ist psychedelia permeating the whole thing. It’s out September 2.


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