Recently Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub in Las Vegas played host to a fans’ participation event. Using the Vyclone smart phone app, Arty invited the daytime partygoers to capture his track, ‘Together We Are’, from all angles around the venue.  

Vyclone allows you to assume the role of editor and splice together all footage the way you want by simply clicking through the clips! In a recent article with The Huffington Post, Arty outlines the impetus behind the video: 


“I'm a big fan of technology and Vyclone is the one of the most exciting things I have seen in ages… it cuts together different angles to make someone feel like they're watching a concert or event from everywhere in the venue. What I personally love when seeing music live is experiencing it with other people and their energy. This is what I want to capture for fans and with apps, cameras, and phones featuring strongly in the way we get to see live music I think Vyclone is perfect to create this feeling of togetherness.”


In conjunction with Be At TV, check out the fan video below.


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