LB | Superstitious Heart

2020Vision drop a very different project from usual in the shape of LB’s ‘Superstitious Heart’, a writing collaboration between Victoria Hesketh, Maya Jane Coles and James Ford with Maya taking control of production duties. It is perhaps MJC’s production that is most easily identified, but more following on from her Massive Attack or Florence and The Machine mixes rather than her club cuts.

‘Superstitious Heart’ is driven by dark, low-end bass tones while Hesketh’s vocals breeze over the top end, giving a melodic counter balance. Off kilter break beats lurk low in the mix while bright strings and subtle arpeggiated synth lines give penetrating depth. An instrumental version is included from Maya Jane Coles for those wanting a raw drum and synth driven version. 

2020Vision is well known as a record label but it is also the production name of the label’s creators Ralph Lawson and Carl Finlow. Here, Lawson & Finlow deliver a diverse selection of remixes in the shape of a vocal, dub and instrumental allowing DJs to truly work the track through their sets or chose the one that suits. The 2020 Vision Vocal Mix gives the full vocal an outing in a contemporary club setting. Evolving, resonant synth lines sporadically ease in and out of the groove while a gritty electronic bass hook carries the weight of the track. Set-back percussive hits add profound hidden depths to the movement of the record. Lawson’s Dooob mix builds layers of ‘Ooos’ around the more stripped down beats while an Instrumental is offered to showcase the many truly superb original parts that are lying intricately infused in the record. It’s out now.

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