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MTV and DJ/producer Steve Angello have teamed up to launch a social media campaign in support of MTV’s newest docu-series “Catfish: The TV Show,” which recently premiered on MTV. The series follows the plot of the critically acclaimed 2010 documentary-thriller “Catfish,” which tackles the mysteries and complexities of keeping up relationships in a digital world.

Steve Angello
Steve Angello

Steve Angello has teamed up with MTV in a campaign supporting the hit show, as he takes on the “catfish” role by hiding behind one of the millions of profiles on Facebook for a week. Fans all over the world are encouraged to visit, where they will have the opportunity to answer questions about Steve Angello and “Catfish: The TV Show” to unlock exclusive clues, and help narrow their search to find Steve’s “catfish” profile. Fans will also be able to use Facebook’s “Graph Search,” one of the site’s newest features, making this the very first MTV campaign to use the function. The fan that finds Steve will win the chance to meet him in person at an event in Miami.

Mattias Behrer, International Marketing Director of MTV: ”Steve is one of the most talented DJs in the world, and his great entrepreneurship, devotion to his fans, massive reach in social media and popularity among our key target group make him an ideal artist to work with on this campaign supporting our latest hit show, “Catfish.” This new series highlights the seriousness and complexity of the catfish phenomenon, and we’re looking forward to our campaign with Steve raising even more awareness around this very timely and fascinating topic.”


Steve Angello: “When MTV approached me about the concept for a “Catfish: the TV-show” themed campaign, I was immediately on board. I’m really enamored with the power of the online world and social media. Everyone knows how difficult relationships can be, and how it’s possible to hide behind a fake profile online, so I’m intrigued to see how the campaign will play out.” 


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