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Toronto’s My Favorite Robot Records team up with eccentric Danish/Icelandic duo The Mansisters for an EP of twisted electronic grooves. The Mansisters is the new moniker of Scandinavian duo Kasper Bjørke and Jon Atli / Sexy Lazer, a pair who have both had previous successes as producers recording for the likes of Steve Bug’s HFN label, Compost Black and Plant. Now, so the story goes, they have joined forces and set up camp together in a huge Copenhagen mansion where they live with a host of plastic and porcelain animals, apparently not having time for real pets due to their dancefloor commitments! 

The Mansisters | Phone Home EP

The release kicks off with ‘Izone’ a record reportedly inspired by the sounds of Boyzone but sounding more like a twisted journey into the underbelly of dark electro disco with its pitch shifted vocals, machine gun fills and eerie riffs. Next up is ‘Lille Du’, described by The Mansisters as ‘Icelandic rap meets space techno from Texas’ the record revolves around an arpeggiated bassline, electro fueled drums and soaring synth lines. ‘Free At Last’ steps up next with the Mansisters layering the charged political speech of a young African girl over their own spiky and intense future techno. The final cut on the vinyl is the electro-tastic workout ‘Theme Of Haris Pilton’ (apparently the name of the porcelain dalmatian featured on the record sleeve), here the duo fuse brooding melodies with shuffling rhythms to create a final opus for the 12”. The digital package also comes with an instrumental version of ‘Izone’ for those of you who prefer things a little less vocal. It’s out today.

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