Garlands Birthday Party

Liverpool’s Garlands celebrates its birthday this September with a party that demonstrates why the club remains so special. The focus is on harmony, with the club’s efforts to welcome everyone with the right attitude, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, job role or what other categorisation society may place on them, the foremost concern of the club.

As ever the music will be varied and eclectic and split across each one of Garlands’ musical rooms for the evening. Heather Bright will be doing a live PA, the voice behind two of the biggest summer smashes of 2012 in Porter Robinson’s ‘Language’ and Bingo Players’ ‘Mode (Can’t stop the Party)’. Garlands itself will have performers and artists adding that extra edge of twisted tomfoolery to the evening for a nine hour extravaganza.


Garlands Birthday

Saturday 29thSeptember

Carlton Hall

8-10 Eberle Street


L2 2AG


Heather Bright LIVE PA

Dave Booth

Les Calvert

Lil’ Jon


£10/£5 NUS 

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