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Paul Mac | Hotel Insomnia

‘Hotel Insomnia’ is the fifth album from UK producer Paul Mac and reveals the Essex based beatsmith’s most cohesive collection of tracks to date. As the title suggests, ‘Hotel Insomnia’ lives inside the blurred realm of sleepless nights, different hotel rooms and constant battle against jetlag. As Paul himself concurs, “mostly it's a reference to the DJ grind thing. Some of the tracks on the album began life as jams that were created in hotel rooms in various places when I should have been sleeping.” 

For a man who rather modestly describes himself as someone who “just makes beats”, Paul has released a vast amount of music over the last 17 years. As well as his normal solo DJ performances Paul has also formed a DJ/production alliance with Ben Sims as they bring the Killa Productions sound out of the studio and into the clubs. Then there is his connection with UK producer Mark Williams as Sou Tai with one of the more intense techno performances on the circuit and finally as part of The Essex Rascals with Ben Sims, Tony Anderson and Mark Broom with more old school party influenced sets of disco, funk, hip hop and whatever else.

Paul Mac | Hotel Insomnia

After trying out a new live set at Berghain this year (made mostly from tracks from the album), Paul is beginning to develop this new element to his bow via Ableton, although readily admits he remains “primarily a DJ and always will be.” Focus in recent years has shifted to his own label Stimulus Recordings whereby Paul continues to release all kinds of techno from dance floor style club bangers to deep emotive material and his most recent alliance with EPM which brings us back to his impending new opus. Taking off from the stompy and hypnotic beats of 'Actions Speaks Louder', cruising through the Detroitesque and melodic strings of album title track 'Hotel Insomnia' and approaching laid back atmospheres like 'Sketched Up', Paul delivers a slice of quality techno. With elements of house, techno, and a deep Motor City pulse, Paul once again proves that driving techno doesn’t have to be soulless. As Paul himself concludes in his 18th year of music production. ”The passion for the music remains the same and I guess I'll always regard myself as a techno producer. No matter where I end up and what I end up making.” The single ‘Hotel Insomnia’ featuring a Marcel Fengler remix is released 17th Sept on EPM. A second EP ‘Drums And Breaks’ featuring a G Flame remix is due at the beginning of October ahead of Paul Mac’s album launch live set at The Players Club ADE showcase party on 18th October at OT301, Amsterdam alongside Tiger & Woods, Break 3000 (Dirt Crew), My Evil Twiin and Dan D’Ascenzo. Info:


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