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Stefan Goldmann | 17:50

'17:50’ is the new album by one of techno’s most restlessly inventive artists, Stefan Goldmann. Its weirdly alien, yet extremely catchy melodies and basslines, rough analog drums and distortion hardware should bring new sonic pleasures to innovative dance floors. De-tuning notes has been central to house and techno since the early days in Chicago. 

‘17:50’ is where this bitter-sweet sound turns systematic: the whole Western harmonic standard is thrown overboard and replaced by pitch systems of catchy melodies, basslines and chords. Tones never stand still but are bent and re-tuned for maximum expression. The album moves through real-world micro-tonal systems without ever sampling any “ethnic” sources. The tunings have been tried and tested for centuries from Sofia to Bandung and that’s why they rock a party even with the "silliest" hooks. As an approach to sampling, the album’s innovation lies in extracting just one single parameter: pitch information. This method of dance floor abstraction appealed pretty much to Stefan’s mixed Bulgarian and German identity, having grown up on tones that sound a little ‘whack’ for Western ears. All sound design has been built independently from scratch with warm synths, analogue drum machines and loads of dirty distortion. It’s out either September 24th or October 1st on Macro Recordings. For more info, check out:

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    Here's a new video of Stefan's: