Creamfields 2012

The awful weather affecting central England this Bank Holiday weekend has forced the closure of the sold-out Creamfields event for today, Sunday 26th August. Creamfields have been using Twitter to inform festival-goers not to turn up at the site for today’s performances as the site is currently closed.

Easily one of the UK's best festivals, Creamfields management tweeted that the site near Warrington was closed due to adverse weather conditions that had hit the site throughout the night, with much of it severely affected by flooding. No serious casualties have been reported and Cheshire Police are working with the Creamfields team to make suitable arrangements for those already at the site to leave, with extra public transport being laid on.


Creamfields: “All customers wishing to come to the festival today are advised that the event entrances are now closed. No entry to the festival is permitted from this point for all ticket types and ticket holders further updates will follow.”


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