Buck | The JVSB EP | OUT-ER Records

Italian label OUT-ER returns with a new EP from DJ/producer Alessandro Stefanio aka Buck featuring four tracks of deep and dubby techno. Southern Italian record label OUT-ER, or Outelectronic Recordings to give it its full name, has rapidly established itself as a new bastion for electronic music with its singles to date from some of Italy’s finest, including The Analogue Cops, Luciano Esse and Santorini. Now the imprint looks to another Italian production heavyweight, Alessandro Stefanio AKA Buck, for its latest release ‘The JVSB EP’.



Buck | The JVSB EP | OUT-ER Records

Buck has been releasing techno for the last five years with labels such as Safari Numerique, Alphahouse, Little Helpers & Motivbank. As a DJ he established himself playing at Italy’s key clubs before taking his sets to the world at venues such as Watergate, Weekend, Tresor & Club der Visionaere. In 2011, along with a group of close friends he launched the OUT-ER label. ‘The JVSB EP’ kicks off with the nattily titled ‘STFLSN78/M0’, a deep, rolling machine groove with a clear Detroit / Basic Channel influence. Heavily delayed stabs and skittering percussion ride alongside understated melodic elements to create a hypnotic and trippy track. The second A-side track ‘18978##’ takes things down a slightly tougher and more stripped road and delivers a record that should twist heads in the early hours. The B-side kicks of with ‘JREVENGE’ a unique sounding record that manages to fuse elements of techno, old school house and broken beats. This is certain to have appeal across musical genres. Finally, ‘A New Session’ sees Buck drop an intense synth laden groove over tough rolling drums and bass. Out 10th September.

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