Agoria | FORMS

Introduced in the summer months of 2012, Agoria's new FORMS installation is a visual and conceptual body of work, with a unique aesthetic identity. Within FORMS the DJ is only an element - the motor of the music - and a shadow within the huge scenic structure submerged in video projections (mapping video, images scripted, graphic composing).  



Agoria | FORMS

FORMS visits many electronic generations, from the original tribes of techno to the actual youth of house. The work takes you back to the origins of techno music with its machine like rhythms; posing the question today - what have we become? An innovative and adrenaline pumping accomplishment; the audience is transformed into the act itself within the music.


"FORMS was a great way to close our festival this year. As one of the last acts on the final day of the festival, Agoria played a very stylish set, packed with great tracks and enhanced by an impressive visual work that went really well with our audience and kept them dancing and mesmerised by the visuals throughout the whole set." Joan Vich, Benicassim Director


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