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Coldharbour Recordings | Coldharbour Day

The end of July is a big one for Coldharbour as they unite annually to celebrate Markus Schulz and Coldharbour Recordings’ storied journey in grand fashion. It has been a good 2012 so far for the label, highlighted with releases that sparkled on Markus' acclaimed ‘Los Angeles '12’ city series compilation. 


Coldharbour Recordings | Coldharbour Day

As a special thank you to their fans, Markus unites once again with GDJB broadcast partner and their close friends at, to bring you an all-day radio marathon, tomorrow, Wednesday July 25th. Twenty four hours of sets from 20 members of the Coldharbour family, including a special four-hour set from Markus himself. Coldharbour want you to join in the celebrations as they reflect on the best moments throughout the label’s history, enjoying the current summer offerings, and glimpsing into what the future has in store. For more info, check out: 


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