Tuccillo | ‘House 19 EP’

The debut release on Holic Trax from Mr. G is following up with a killer EP from DJ/producer Tuccillo that again will be receiving a release on limited 10” coloured vinyl. Tuccillo has been a prolific artist over the last four years, releasing an endless stream of singles through some of the hottest labels around. Now he has brought all his considerable experience to bear, delivering the ‘House 19 EP’ for Holic Trax.


Tuccillo (by Jordi Cervera)
Tuccillo (by Jordi Cervera)

The EP kicks off with title track, ‘House 19’, a percussive, bass driven, house workout that draws on old school stabs, chopped and filtered vocal parts and a bassline that has you locked in from the off. Next up is ‘Eves Sky’ which sees Tuccillo taking a stripped and spacious approach with a record that is deep, dubby and hypnotic. The EP is completed with two further tracks, ‘Dubao’ is a digital exclusive that journeys into off kilter techy territory whilst ‘PercussHolic’ is a vinyl only exclusive that takes a percussive tribal tack. Out 23rd July.



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