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Modena Records, the UK record label of producer Chicane, has joined forces with Dutch record company Armada Music. After working together extensively throughout the past four years, with Armada Music releasing Chicane’s singles and albums for Benelux, GSA and Poland, both parties now agreed on a partnership. The fifth Chicane album, ‘Thousand Mile Stare’, is the next release through Armada Music. 


Chicane | Modena Records

From now on, Armada Music represents Modena Records worldwide. Modena Records was set up by Nick Bracegirdle, the producer behind Chicane, in 1996. Releasing classics such as ‘Offshore’, ‘Sunstroke’ ‘Poppiholla’ and all four of Chicane’s albums, had made Modena one of EDM’s leading record labels. Chicane’s ‘Thousand Mile Stare’ album will be released on April 20th


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