Angus Jefford

Angus Jefford

Scottie Deep and MKʼs Say Ahh! imprint drops its second release late-March – the four track ʻBumpinʼʼEP by Manchester-based producer Angus Jefford.

 As youʼd expect from a label from the Kinchen brothers, the sound draws on classic Jersey/NY house music and follows the labelʼs debut from SiʼKe DJs last month – a release which drew support from the likes of DJ Deep, T Williams and Ethyl as well as UK dance music institution Pete Tong.

 Angus Jefford is a relatively new producer but what stands out with the four tracks on ʻBumpinʼ is his ability to create classic sounding house and capture the true feeling behind it. 


Angus Jefford

Rather than a cleaned up, pristine digital reproduction of the raw sounds of house musicʼs vintage years, his music is imbibed with the values and aesthetics of those formative records with just enough added character.

 Punchy organs, square wave basses, clipped strings and a drawling vocal are emphasised and tempered, respectively, on the Original and Somethinʼ After versions of the energetic title track while the soaring vibes of ʻThe Cultureʼ and ʻFever Feverʼ cannot fail to raise a smile (and arms – remember that?).

 Out 26th March on Say Ahh!.


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