Incognito 'Surreal'

‘Surreal’ is the new album from the UK soul/funk/jazz band, Incognito, which will be released on April 16th on Dome Records. It’s one of the band’s freshest, most creative albums and sees the addition to their line-up of two outstanding new vocalists in Natalie Williams, UK jazz scene luminary, and 26-year-old German-born singer-songwriter Mo Brandis. The album is a collection of songs over a bed of fluid basslines and drum grooves, and reflects the energy of the band’s live shows, while adding a raw edge to their customary studio production.



The album’s opener, the funky, bass-driven ‘The Less You Know’ - written by Bluey with the band’s bass player Francis Hylton - is vocalled by Maysa, described by Bluey as “my awesome musical muse”. The US singer, who first featured with Incognito on their 1992 set ‘Tribes Vibes & Scribes’, also contributes a beautiful performance on ‘Capricorn Sun’, with its bubbling, rhythmic groove, which Bluey “wrote on my guitar after reflecting on a friend’s ongoing battles with his Capricorn partner”. Long-time Incognito fans will be happy that there are two driving instrumentals present – ‘Rivers On The Sun’ and ‘Thoughtful Fantasies’, the latter continuing Bluey’s passion for Brazilian jazz funk with all horns blazing, and percussion breaks.  


Mo Brandis began singing with Incognito on their live dates last summer. An accomplished pianist and sax player, he has already enjoyed success as a songwriter and has co-written the first single ‘Goodbye To Yesterday’, as well as the equally hooky ‘Don’t Wanna Know’. Natalie Williams - one of the most in-demand jazz-soul vocalists in London - contributes the soulful ‘Above The Night’ and the sparse ‘70s-style bossa nova ‘The Stars From Here’- with vocal powerhouse Vanessa Haynes, who joined Incognito two years ago, in blistering Loleatta Holloway-esque form on the album’s one cover song, ‘Ain’t It Time’, a little-known ‘70s disco tune. Check some classic Incognito live below and for latest info, check their site:


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